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These are just suggestions and not the expressions or opinions of TS. This is strictly FANTASY for me and I disagree highly with the use of any substance to illegally render someone unconscious for the use of pleasure or even worse to cause injury.

TS's Secret Wing Of The Castle

Yahoo Clubs

TS's Sleepy Castle Chat

This is the Yahoo club version of my site. Here you will find more pics.. (yes some of me TS) and more links! It is also a great place to chat and maybe roleplay. There are weekly Wednesday night chats scheduled as well.

Sleepy Scenes Spotlight

This is a great club to talk about sleepy scenes in movies and tv as well as anything sleepy. They host chats on Tuesday and Thursday nights starting at around 9pm est. They also have impromtu chats at other times as well as role playing of sleepy scenes. Not to mention I'm a co-founder so you know it's a great club! :)

Anton's Web Exchange

If it is Anton it is here. Mr. Anton has created his site for suggestions and discussions regarding his productions.

Knocked Out Cold Female Celebrities

Sleepy Manor

Sexy Eye Rolling

Unconscious Female Fetish

Sleepy Fetish

Carrying Unconscious Women

Chloroformed Babes

Chloroformed Heroines


Lift and Carry Enthusiasts

Unconscious Comic Heroines

Sleepy Movie Posters

Sleeping Clothed

Alice Remembered

Chloroform Photos

Chloroforum Offical Chatroom

Chloro Sweeties

Chloro Fantasy

Dexi's Chloro Dreams Now

Mr. Midnight2

Old Fashion Damsels In Distress

Shannon's Chloroformed Men

The Doctor

Drunk and Sleepy Girls

Knockout Photo Central

Personal Sleepy Pics and Stories



Yahoo Groups

Chloroform Dreams

Sleepy Fetish Lives

The Sleeping Quarters

Sleepy Related Sites

Ethernet's Site

Sleepy Hollow

Sleeping Beauties

Land of the Nod

Another Castle Site

Sleepy Dreamers